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July 25, 2010
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Twists Chapter 7.

Roy and Ed had finished cleaning and repairing the damage they had inflicted on the parade grounds, and had returned to the office.

Ed was sprawled on the couch, quietly sleeping, while Roy was trying to focus on the work he had to do.

'Damn Hawkeye...It's not my fucking fault Usagi had me fight the damn kid...'

Riza had successfully killed the rest of his day.

He lifted his eyes from the white sheets of his personal misery and stole a glance at the blond that had claimed the leather couch as his.

The same blond that had blanketed him earlier. His face flushed at the all to recent memory of Ed's lips hovering above his...and the words Ed had uttered...

I think your the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen.

Sure, not the most romantic thing he'd ever been told, but coming from Ed, it was all the more important. He knew that Ed had, atleast a little, recognized his feelings and returned them.


His thought were thoroughly ruined at the sound of his best friends obnoxious entrance.

"Maes! Shut the hell up! Ed...I mean...FullMetal is fucking asleep!" He pointed towards the couch infront of his desk.

He looked at Hughes, who gave him his usual 'oops' face, as he walked over towards Roy's desk.

Roy noticed the little sparkle in Hughe's eye and the vile grin he had plastered on his face.

'Oh. No. What the hell is he...' Hughes smiled when he saw that Roy was trying to analyze him.

"Sorry Roy...but I had to talk to you..." Hughes looked over his shoulder in the general direction of the sleeping lump on the couch.


Was the only word that came to thought.

Roy moaned, he knew Hughes had heard something he shouldn't have. And although his gut was telling him to order Hughes outside of the room, he pushed the feeling aside and rested his chin on his hands. A position he usually took when he was nervous or stressed, and Hughes new that.

With a raised eyebrow Roy said, "What exactly do you need to talk to me about, Maes?" He glanced quickly over at Ed to make sure he was still sleeping.

Hughes smiled. Then slid his gaze from Roy to Ed, then back to the colonel.

'Damnit...just get on with it you...'

"So...Roy...earlier today...that was some fight...I felt bad that you both had to clean up that huge mess on you own.."

" a little more destructive than I thought it would be....but we got it cleaned up, so it doesn't really matter. Anything else Hughes? I have work I need to do."

Hughes Snorted. He knew Roy never did work...unless he was being threatened by a certain intimidating blond with a gun holstered to her hip, or if he were trying to avoid something.

Hughes raised an eyebrow and gave Roy his signature sarcastic glare.


And with that one word, Roy knew he was caught, and that Hughe's had heard something.

"What did you hear?" He wasn't expecting the reply that his friend gave him.

Hughes Laughed. "Hear? Roy your not understanding what I'm trying to tell you. I didn't hear...well I guess I did hear quite a bit of something...but it's what I saw that I came to talk to you about."

'Fuck. ' Roy let out a sigh.

"What exactly...or much of it did you see...."

Hughes cleared his throat.

" I said, I felt bad for you I came back to come and help you. But when I got to the grounds, I didn't see either of at first I thought you both had taken a break and gone somewhere..."

Roy gave Hughes an annoyed growl, warning him to get to his point.

Hughes chuckled. "Oh No Roy, I'm enjoying this to much....It's not everyday I get to make fun of my best friend for reasons like this." He smiled again.

'Fucking jackass is just begging me to turn him into a pile of ashes...'

"So...anyway..I was about to leave when I heard a strange noise...and when I followed it...what else did I see but Ed's head. And then I heard him say....well I am not gonna repeat it..but..." Roy got a little bit of satisfaction from his friends face. Obviously he wasn't completely comfortable with what he'd...discovered.

Roy nodded. "Alright Hughes. Fine. So you caught"

'What the hell am I supposed to fucking say? Oh yeah Hughes...that's right you caught Ed trying to fuck me...Oh yeah that'd sound absolutely fantastic. Not.'

"Roy." Hughes tone had turned serious, and Roy was surprised that his friend wasn't teasing the hell out of him. Then again, Maes was his best friend for a reason. The man understood absolutely everything about Roy.

"Hmm..." He waived for Hughes to continue.

"Roy. Ed wasn't the only one doing that...and I apologize for the way I'm making this sound, I am actually happy for you and completely relieved."

Roy's jaw dropped. What did he just say? He was...Happy? Relieved?


"You heard me....I'm happy that you have finally admitted that you feel something for the kid...something beyond the norm. I've noticed it for a while, but I figured you'd admit it to yourself eventually...although I didn't think it would take this long."

'Wait...was it really that obvious that he was attracted to the way....'

He looked over Hughes once again, at the face of the boy he'd come to...admire.

He nodded. "Alright...but...well..I..don't really know if he feels the same way...I mean..Hughes he's so much younger than I am....12 years..and well look at him...Ed's..well fucking gorgeous....and I'm well..."

Roy mentally wanted to smack himself. He was usually confident and cool. He knew he was quite good looking, woman practically through themselves at him. But the damn kid had done something to him, and if had to be honest, these feelings...well they scared him a little. Yeah, that's right, The great Roy Mustang, not scared of war or death....but of some feeling within his chest and of a midget with a temper. (a/n---Imagine Ed's reaction to that last part...)

"Well...I can't really say I think Ed's gorgeous, but even I have to admit he's pretty. But Roy, what I'm trying to tell you...or well warn you about, is if you are serious about him, and if you do both start something meaningful, just be careful, the both of you are strong people...and if one of you gets hurt, I can't tell you that it'll all turn out the way you want."

'Pretty? You think Ed's Since when Did my best friend turn into an idiot....Ed is probably one of the most brilliant things I've ever laid eyes on....not that I'll fucking EVER tell the kid....'

"Hughes....I'm not even sure FullMetal even feels the same way about me....I think what happened between us today was just....I don't know."

"Roy...your being a complete fool if you haven't noticed the way Ed.... know what.... I'm not going to tell you that, I'll let Ed do the talking, ask him about it....I'm out of here...Gracia and I have a know she's the most beautiful and amazing woman...." And there he went, rambling on about his wife.

"Good bye Maes." Roy tried to give his friend the hint.

"And then...she and Elssyia did the cutest thing..."


"What..? OH! Yeah..I have more important things to do than hang around here with a love confused..."


"Fine. Fine. Fine."

Hughes left in a hurry, and following his exit the door closed with a loud thump.

Roy took a deep breathe, taking in the advice Hughes had given him.

'Talk to Ed....huh?'

He saw something move and before He knew it Ed was sitting up, his arms stretching over his. And before he knew It Roy was being observed by two all knowing golden orbs. Ed was smiling.

"Finally, It's about time you fucking woke up, FullMetal."

"Colonel....I wasn't asleep."

Roy didn't say anything at first, he just sat there and watched the blond watch him.

"What..." He mumbled.

"I wasn't asleep."


Ed got up and walked towards the colonel's desk. Roy' eyes stayed glued to the golden ones.

" heard...everything..."

Ed nodded.


Well this was awkward.

"Roy...what you know that Hughes was right about..."

Right at the moment Ed's face had gone red, as if he were about to confess some deep dark secret, and the phone at the corner of Roy's desk started to ring.

Ed sighed. Whether in relief or disappointment, Roy couldn't tell. He watched the blond haul himself back towards the couch.

"Colonel, shouldn't you pick that up?" Ed pointed towards the phone.


Roy tore his eyes away from Edward, and picked the annoyance up.


"Hello? Colonel?" A scratchy voice sneered its way through the line.

Roy knew that voice, as it belonged to a man He'd wanted to strangle since the minute he'd met the man the annoying sound belonged to.

"General what do I the pleasure?"

God he hated this man. He was Second in command of the committee.

"Colonel, I have been informed that a certain Major is currently in your office, and I'd like to have a word with the man."

'Major? Was he talking about Ed?'

"Sir...could you give me a name please?"

Roy knew he was talking about Ed, but hell did he get satisfaction out of giving the bastard a hard time, and judging from the amused look on Ed's face, he wasn't hiding his enjoyment.

"Um...I believe the man's name is Edward El...uh...El..vic?"

'Wow. just Wow. This fucking moron doesn't even know who Ed is does he?'

"Hmm...hold on sir.. let me check..." Roy rolled his eyes and smirked.

"Hey Ed, is there anyone here names Edward Elvic?"

Ed frowned with confusion, but then laughed as he caught on.

"Sorry colonel, nope there's only one Edward here."

"Mustang." The command was swift and clean, obviously the idiot of a general needed Ed for something.

"Sorry Sir, I'll send him to your office straight away."

"You better."

Roy rolled his eyes and hung the phone up.

"FullMetal, General Hanaki wants to speak with you."

"The skinny guy with the fucking freakish nose? Why the hell would he--"

Roy halted Ed's question with a glare.


Ed rose off the couch and turned towards the door. Before he walked out, leaving Roy to finish the paperwork he'd been gladly avoiding, Ed said something that left the colonel confused.

"Oh...And colonel, Hughes was right....your being a fool."
yay finally Im done with it!

Sorry but this chapter is kinda usless, and I know im taking foever for Ed and Roy to get together, but theres a reason for it, and make sure you payed attention to what hughes was saying and Eds last line XD those r like the only important things in this chapter, well besides Hanaki's entrance....bumbumbum

This chapter was kinda with Roy's POV i guess but ch 8 will be in Ed's

enjoy and comment <3

Chapter 6----> [link]

Chapter 8-----> [link]
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