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August 19, 2010
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Twists Chapter 18.

It was harder than he'd thought to pretend to be asleep.

'I could fucking kick myself! How the hell could I let myself be so easily caught off guard? And to know that Ed's been involved in something like this...'

Even with his eyes closed, Roy could tell they weren't in a very big room, and from what Ed had told him about the transmutation with the soul, he figured they both were being kept in that particular room.

'Ok. I have to relax, Ed has to be the one to the of the plan.' Roy took a deep breath and focused on the sounds of uneven steps that belonged to his blond.

It seemed like they'd been in the room for a long time, when the sounds of Ed's pacing stoped.

This was it.

He felt a soft touch on his cheek, the signal that he could finally open his eyes. Which he did, immediately.


He couldn't blatantly say, "Do you have a plan to get us out of here yet?" so he'd have to improvise.

"Colonel." Ed raised an eyebrow and looked towards the door.

Ok so the bastards would come through there, but according to Ed, they needed to speak with the fat one, Chioro, specifically.

The door opened.

'Looks like I'll find out was the plan is exactly soon.'

A tall slinky woman walked in, green eyes immediately glued to the colonel.

"Well, Well, good morning Colonel Mustang"

"Yeah waking up to find out your shackled to a chair is great, what I can't stand is waking up to be greeted by a face like that." He motioned his chin towards Heinireich.

All she did in response was smile.

"Well I apologize, but I'll have to do, although I do imagine waking up to..."

She walked over towards Ed, who tried to side-step away from her, but failed. She quickly trapped Ed in her arms and pressed her lips to his neck.

She laughed.

"....I do imagine that waking up to this lovely face must be so much more pleasant..."

Now she had pissed Roy off.

"Bitch! Let go of me!" Ed tried to struggle, but apparently the woman's grip was stronger than it appeared.


Her hand slipped to the spot on on Ed's stomach that had the damned mark on it.

It was only a quick touch, but Ed's screamed at the obvious sudden pain, his small body went limp. He wasn't passed out but he did look exhausted.

"That's better, good boy."

Her hand snuck itself under the shirt Ed had on.

"Mmm, Colonel, he is...delectable..."

Roy tried to pull himself into a standing position and thrusted himself forward.

"You Fucking Bitch! Let him go!"

He saw here hand rise up and reappear over Ed's collar bone.

"Now, why would I ever let him go..."

"Stop touching him!"

She smiled.

"I don't-" She shrieked out, surprising Roy.

Ed had stomped on her foot and proceeded with a good punch to the bitches stomach.

"Damn you! Just because you hurt me a little doesn't mean I'm fucking helpless!"

Ed walked closer, towards the panting woman and wrapped hi automail fingers around her thin neck and thrusted her body against the glass wall.

"Now, Don't EVER touch me again." One swift punch to her gut, and the woman grunted while she fell to the floor, and passed out.

Ed brushed his hands together, as if removing any sign of dust from them, and gave Roy a smirk.

"I've been wanting to do that for quite a damn while."

"Now, FullMetal If your done dealing with the trash, I'd be very grateful if you would help me out of this damn chair, there's no doubt her 'buddies' will be here soon."

Still smirking Ed walked behind the chair and clapped his hands.

"Anytime, FullMetal."

"You know, we may be being held captive, but I have to admit colonel, the restrained prisoner look is quite appealing on you..."

Following the familiar blue light, Roy heard the clang of metal on the floor. He pull his hands forward and rubbed his wrists.

"It may be 'appealing' to you, but my wrists would definitely have to disagree."

He stood and patted down on his chest pocket. he mirrored Eds smirk when he felt what he had been looking for.

"Roy? What's so..."

"Ed, You were right, these people aren't too smart...."

He pulled his gloves from his pocket and quickly slipped them over his hands.

Ed frowned and looked at the gloves then Roy.


"You could have gotten us out of here already..."

"Gee...I'm sorry, because I wasn't passed out or anything, nor was I shackled to a chair, how stupid of me."

Ed rolled his eyes and waved his hand back and forth. "Oh right, right, I forgot how easily you'd gotten yourself captured Colonel."

Roy growled.

"Ed..." followed with a sigh, "Now is not the time for arguing."

Ed laughed and walked to stand at Roy's side.

"Who's arguing, this is more of a lover's spat." He smiled, and lifted himself up to give Roy another quick kiss on the cheek.

"Now, lets go kick some ass"

The blond clapped his hands and Roy positioned his right hand at the ready to snap.

"Now I think I'm tired of waiting for the rest of them to join the party, so why not crash theirs instead?"

Ed kicked the door open and they both stepped out of the small room and into the laboratory.

Roy smiled, "Sounds like a plan to me."

as i said before, 2 chapters in one day, im happy.

WOOHOO! Creepy green leather woman got her butt kicked finally! I do love to hate her XD

enjoy and comment <3

Chapter 17---->[link]

Chapter 19----- coming soon
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SatansFantasticSons Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  New member
Roy tied to a chair, hmm...
I think someone submitted a small message bar saying ''Roy Mustang is tied to a chair. What do you do?'' It had the choice to put a miniskirt on him, raep him or take a picture for blackmail. I commented ''Put cat ears and a cat tail on him and shove Alphonse into the room. Then see what happens.'' XD
lilconch Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
loooooooovvvvvvveeeeee iiiiiiiiittttttt :) this is the best storyline ever!
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You're killing me... I love this and yet I hate myself for being addicted.
Okiraka-Senpai Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011
haha awesome : )
RizaxRoy-chan Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2010
I can understand Ed finding the prisoner look appealing^^ ... I laughed at Roy's response to that^^

....yay!!!! Crash their party!!! Wooooooh!!!
Okiraka-Senpai Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010
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RizaxRoy-chan Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010
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