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July 26, 2010
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Twists Chapter 8.

'What's with the colonel? The man really is a fucking moron. '

Ed was walking down the hall towards the Committee's main office department. He was right in the middle of a conversation with Roy, and of course right when he was about to say something important, something that he's been holding back for a long time, the fucking phone rings. He'd never wanted to pulverize an object that much.

'I swear I'm going to fucking kill Hanaki if this isn't something really important, what's with these damn bastards and their power trips...the moron didn't even know his last name...Seriously Elvic...Moron.'

He entered the main part of the hallway, and the women at the entrance desk gave him a curious stare, apparently he was supposed to stop at the desk.

'Are you kidding me? It's a fucking hallway...' He gave the woman behind the desk a good glare before he stomped over to her.

"Excuse me young man, but your not permitted..."

Ed rolled his eyes and pulled out his silver watch and stuffed it infront over her face.

'Like Hell I'm not stupid..'

"I'm a state alchemist, General Hanaki called for me."

"Oh...your Major Elric?"

'No Shit, god was everyone connected to the Committee a complete idiot?'

He tried to keep his sarcasm out of the conversation, but he couldn't help it.

"I'm pretty sure I'm Edward Elric, I might have to double check."

Obviously the woman didn't enjoy Ed's banter, judging from the angry arch of her thin eyebrow.

"Yes. Well. Major, The general's office is down this hallway and on the left."

He wanted to laugh at the woman's expression so badly, god he loved pissing the higher-up off...and that included their stupid secretarys.

He couldn't help but add one last comment in before walking off towards the general's office.

"Thanks a are you positive that I am permitted to walk down this hallway? Or do I need a special pass, or better yet and escort?"

The woman just looked back down at the paperwork she'd been working on. Ed headed down the hallway, dissapointed that he didn't get a reaction, welk until he heard the woman mutter...

"Little Runt...."

He sneered at being called a runt, but had to hold back a small laugh, he'd pissed her off. Now he could go to the generals office, satisfied.

Smiling at himself, and his obvious talent for pissing people off, he knocked on the large wooden mostrosity of a door.

A shrieked, 'Come In.' passed through the thick wood.

Ed turned the silver handle and stepped into the red-carpeted room.

His eyes immediately were lured towards the desk in the middle of the room, and of course the General behind it.

General Hanaki. He was second in command, directly under Usagi. The man was the least intimidating person Ed had ever seen. Seriously Fuery was scarier. The man was about Ed's height, scarily skinny, and ...then there was his nose. His most...prominent feature. Hell, it was fucking huge compared to the rest of him.

'Got whenever I see guys that look like that....I remember how hot the colonel....' Ed shook himself, he couldn't think about the colonel right now, or he'd be way to distracted.

" asked to speak with me?"

"Ah Major Elric. Yes...please take a seat" The skinny man waved his hand towards the green couch infront of his desk.

"No, thankyou Sir, but I'd prefer to stand."

He didn't want to make himself to comfortable, he wasn't planning on staying that long, he really did need to talk to the colonel.

"Major, I think you might want to sit down for this, I have some serious questions to ask you before I ask you to participate in a research project I'm planning."

Well that peaked his curiosity, No one ever came to him about research, atleast no anymore, seeing that he known more as a fighter than a researcher. So he did as he was told, and took a seat.

"Ok...General, what exactly do you want from me?" Oops...that came out a little more smug than he meant.

The generals eyebrow arched a little, but he relaxed a second later.

"Well...Major, I am aware that when your were only a young teen when you became a State Alchemist...what I am interested in is your reason for doing so."

'Aw Fuck....I thought people were over this Child Prodigy thing already...'

Although the previous government of Amestris had known his circumstances (that concerning his arm and leg, not to mention his reasons for his research) the newer Government hadn't ever been informed of Ed's past, Hell most of the higher ups ,including Hanaki, didn't even know when He'd gotten his automail.

"Well? Major, care to answer my question?"

Ed scratched his head, and looked towards the ceiling,

"Uh...well...I just wanted access to the government's knowledge...for my research....the library in central well....well The colonel had told me it had alot of books so..."

Hanaki's eyes narrowed.

"The colonel? So Mustang was the one that recruited you?"

'Geez, what's with these gise and Mustang, the colonel sure knows how to make enemies.'

Ed nodded, "Yeah, he came looking for someone and had heard that there was a 'talented' alchemist in my when he met me and found out I was just a child....He asked me if I'd be after a while of thinking I decided to take the test."

Ed didn't mention what circumstances had truthfully been his reasoning for joining the ranks, Hanaki didn't need to know that.

The general nodded.

"I next question...What was this 'research' you were doing about exactly?"

Ed pressed his hand to his temple, Why did Hanaki sound like he already knew the answer?

"U-Uh....well Basically my brother and I had an interest in....Biological Alchemy..."

Technically Ed wasn't lying, just again, leaving certain parts out of his answer.


Hanaki stood up and walked around his desk, and stood behind the couch, and behind Ed.

"Major Elric, this conversation isn't going to leave this office, and it is extremely important that you answer my questions truthfully, and fully....I need to know I can count on your particular skills..and experiences."

Ed nodded.

"Sir, I've been completely truthful, I-I was researching biological order new way to" Ed needed to change the topic before he told the general something he shouldn't.

"So...General Hanaki...what's this assignment you want me for?"

He felt the general come closer.

"Major. I know what you did when you were younger."

The statement wasn't angry or accusing, just a blatant fact.

Ed eyes widened, and he turned quickly.


"I know."

Ed's face hardened, and he intentionally gave the general an electrical glare.

"What the fuck do you want."

All Hanaki did in response to Ed's obvious agitation was smile. He placed a hand on Ed's metal shoulder.

"Elric...I need your experience...this research requires a certain amount of skill."

Ed pulled away and stood up.

"Get someone else to fucking do your 'research' I'm out of here"

"Well that's too would be ashamed if something were to happen to the members of a certain colonel's team and their commanding officer."

'Oh no, that Bastard so did not threaten Roy and the others.'

He closed his eyes and clenched his hands. Of course the military hadn't changed, it was still filled with manipulating animals who didn't like when they couldn't get their way.

Ed turn to face the skinny man once again.

"That's right."

"What's this research about."

"Well...As I'm sure you know, there's one taboo among Alchemy, that even us non-alchemists no is forbidden...and for good reason."

Ed's pulse skipped a beat, the moron couldn't be talking about that. Could He?

"Well...My research team knows that the main ingredients for said taboo are pretty simple to obtain..but well...there's one thing that isn't so easy to fabricate."

"Get to your point."

"Yes. I'm getting there. Well...we need you to figure out how to create this piece of the puzzle."

Ed eyes had probably shown his confusion

"Create? What the hell are you talking about? What piece?"

The general walked over towards Ed, until they were a mere foot apart. And Ed couldn't believe what the general said next.

"Major Elric, Your going to create a human soul."

And there it is! The plot finally starts to move! XD
Hope this isn't wierding anyone out yet XD

sorry but there isn't much EdxRoy in this one, but I promise it will come eventually
This story actually might End up being longer than my first one XD funny thing is that it was only supposed to be like 5 chs, but Hey

SOoo yeah

Enjoy and comment <3

Chapter 7---> [link]

Chapter 9----> [link]
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